Grandma’s Little Black Purse

My grandparents used to attend many functions at which formal attire was required. Happily, I inherited many of my grandmother’s evening purses. I decided to carry one to the wedding of the daughter of my good friend, “S”.

Grandma's Little Black Purse

Grandma’s Little Black Purse

This little bag was the perfect size to hold just a few essentials, such as a cell phone — Something my grandmother never owned or much less carried to a wedding!

Sweet Design

Sweet Design

I love the sweet, but subtle pattern of the purse’s fabric. I especially like the bows at the base of each strap. Here is a close up of the clasp.

Clasp with Bling

Clasp with Bling

This vintage bag was made by Garay. It is in exceptionally good condition, as were most of the things my grandmother owned. She was of a generation that took care of what they owned. There was no popping out to the mall or logging onto the internet to buy a new piece at whim.

My grandmother’s generation also took good care of their hair-dos! While on the way to the wedding I discovered not one, but two, portable rain hats tucked into the side pockets. If it rained, my grandmother was well-prepared to protect her ‘do!

Never leave home without your portable rain bonnet!

Never leave home without your portable rain bonnet!

The wedding was lovely with a most beautiful bride – and her momma looked great as well! It was a fine day to carry Grandma’s little black purse.


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1 Response to Grandma’s Little Black Purse

  1. Pinky says:

    That IS a sweet little purse. YOu are lucky to have inherited it. Perfect for a wedding or a nice dinner. XO, pinky

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