Woven with Love

I am so blessed to have a life-long friend with a big heart and talented hands. For my birthday, my great friend “S” created this for me:

Hand-made with love.

Hand-made with love.

Isn’t this gorgeous???

Beautiful weave!

Beautiful weave!

There is a lot of time invested in this gorgeous Nantucket style basket. A lot of time.

Close up of S's beautiful workmanship.

Close up of S’s beautiful workmanship.

The basket has a wooden handle and base.

Wooden base and handle.

Wooden base and handle.

“S” put extra love into this basket at every possible opportunity. The inside bottom of the basket has a personalized scrim. “S” had it made using art from one of our Christmas cards, which are designed by my husband. It features our dear Scottie, Scamp (who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge) and little Scottie, Mitty, who is our dear companion.

Scrim featuring Scotties Scamp and Mitty.

Scrim featuring Scotties Scamp and Mitty.

I can tell you that this gift brought tears to my eyes. The pure love that went into the creation of this basket is truly a gift in itself.

Woven with love.

Woven with love.

Thank you, dear friend. I will treasure this gift of love forever and ever.



About tammylovesdishes

I love searching for dishes for tablescaping. That leads me to yard sales and thrift shops and fun, fun, fun.
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3 Responses to Woven with Love

  1. Debbie says:

    What a lovely and heart-felt gift and yes, “S” put A LOT of time and love into it! The basket is absolutely beautiful, and so is the friendship that you both share. Enjoy!

  2. Paulette says:

    I have made one basket, it took forever to finish and didn’t look half as incredible as your friend S looked. Such a lovely gift and friendship!

  3. tom richards says:

    Tammy – THANKS! Such a sweet post!~Glad you like it!! Enjoy the deck! sam


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