Yard Sale Chauffeur Extraordinaire

Several weeks ago we had a very full day of yard sales. On our way home we noticed another yard sale sign but had two very tired and hot Scotties in the back seat. We decided to head home, refresh a bit, leave the Scotties in the A/C and search out this latest yard sale. Boy, am I glad we did.

My husband, yard sale chauffeur extraordinaire (YSCE), was a little concerned at first as we drove down a l-o-n-g dirt driveway. We parked and he was still cautious so he decided to come with me. There was a man standing outside a small building directing people to go inside. There were items outside the building and a chair caught YSCE’s eye. He chatted with the man, who was just helping, but not pricing things. YSCE also saw a nice wicker picnic basket filled with new items. He inquired about the price on that as well. That meant we had to get one of the owners to come outside. The husband did so and told us $7.50. I really wasn’t looking for this item and wanted to check out the inside before committing to a purchase so inside we went.

Once inside the lovely air-conditioned building, there were tables filled with fun things. It was great to have any extra pair of eyes (and hands) to help. YSCE immediately spotted these Bordallo Pinheiro chick egg cups. Also spotted was this very interesting two-tiered egg holder. It’s quite heavy.

I don’t have chickens, except for dinner, so I didn’t realize these little eggs were used to encourage the hens to lay eggs. The things you learn at yard sales.

The green cabbage dishes by Home Essentials and the Poppy dish by Maxcera were in my hands in no time. Nothing has been marked, so I was a little reluctant to hold on to too many things in case things are priced too high. YSCE spotted the sugar dispenser and thought it would be a great addition to our kitchen.

 The glass pumpkin was another YSCE find. I really liked the heft of this pumpkin and the coloration. See those rocks, they were free! Read further to find out why.

We admired the two horse figures, but our hands were getting full and with nothing marked, I wasn’t sure how much all this was going to be.

I wandered over to place things on a table so I could get some pricing. I heard the owner speaking with someone else and decided I needed to add to my bundle before having her give me a price. I sent YSCE back to get the horse figures and added them to my stack. The owner looked at my pile and quoted me $15. Sold! I tried to get her to throw in the picnic basket (which her husband had earlier quoted us $7.50) for $5 but she was having none of that. Apparently, she wasn’t even planning to honor the $7.50 quote. She was, however, encouraging me to add things to my $15 stack! She asked me if I wanted two big white platters (no, thank you) or a glass and wire pitcher that she thought went nicely with the pumpkin (again, no, thank you). YSCE piped up and said, what about that bag of rocks? She said sure. So that is how I came to have a free bag of rocks. They are actually really nice rocks and can be used in future tablescaping and decorating projects. It was a good thing to have YSCE along at this fun yard sale!

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About tammylovesdishes

I love searching for dishes for tablescaping. That leads me to yard sales and thrift shops and fun, fun, fun.
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17 Responses to Yard Sale Chauffeur Extraordinaire

  1. You found some really great items and how nice to have YSCE along!

  2. Scarlet says:

    I love the plates , and how great to have your husband along to help!

  3. I love the Pumpkin and the chicks, great finds.

  4. Love the egg display and of course the dishes are wonderful!

  5. Great blog entry – I enjoyed it very much. The egg display is very interesting and I know you will do wonderful things with those cute dishes.

  6. Patricia says:

    I love those plates, and the pumpkin, and the egg thingy. Nice that your hubby was around to help. I only go to yard sales when mine will go with me.

  7. Abby says:

    Great finds – I love that glass pumpkin! x

  8. Karen G says:

    That glass pumpking is gorgeous.

  9. Kelly says:

    WOW! Your YSCE is sooo multi- talented!!!!

  10. Betsy says:

    Great thrifty finds! Isn’t it nice to have an extra pair of hands to help out? It’s also good to have the extra pair of eyes to keep a watch on your pile of stuff:-) Love those little chicks and especially that glass pumpkin.

  11. Jacqueline says:

    Oh, I would have been fighting you for that gorgeous glass pumpkin. What a find and perfect for the whole fall. Fun to have a great chauffeur.

  12. Madison says:

    Cool finds. I find it a bit taxing to go thrifting with my husband as he does the eye roll-tut thing every time I pick something up. Maybe you could hire out your YSCE? :0)

    Madison xxx

  13. I would love to go garage saling with you. What treasures you found.. love, love, love the glass pumpkin have never seen anything like it.. thank you for swinging in to say hello, I love visitors… hugs ~lynne~

  14. Karena says:

    Tammy great finds! Love the pumpkin and the egg holder that is tiered!

    Sounds like your Husband is a great help on your excursions!!


    Art by Karena

    I have a fabulous Giveaway from Interieurs I hope you will come and join!

  15. Christine says:

    Great deal on beautiful things and an unusual egg holder, Tammy…Christine

  16. marlis says:

    great fun… i love “shopping” with you, albeit virtually.. great finds too. you have taught him well. xo marlis

  17. Debra Newton says:

    Great finds! Love the pumpkin

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