Box of Tiny Cups

I just had a feeling. I had been to the thrift shop the day before and I just had a feeling I should return the following day. There was an unwrapped Beatles puzzle I wanted to purchase for my husband (YSCE) for Father’s Day and I was hoping it was still there. Luckily, it was. And as long as I was there……

I thought I should give the store another sweep in case something interesting had come in  since the day before. It had.

There was a small cardboard box filled with these tiny demitasse cups and saucers. There were twelve of these cups and eleven saucers. Most of the cups were in surprisingly good shape. Someone had taken care to put paper towel pieces between each of the saucers. Because of the way the thrift boxes up their dishes with loads of tape running across the top of the box I didn’t know any of this until after I had taken these sweeties home and emptied the box.

I also found out they are by RS and were made in Germany. Made my heart go pitter patter.

Also included in the little cardboard box were two creamers and one sugar by C.T. Altwasser Silesia. Such interesting shapes and so functional.

But wait, we’re not done yet with the box of tiny cups!

These two tiny cups and one matching saucer made by Silesia were also included. Each cup is marked.

See the red markings? I assume they are important but I don’t have any idea what they say. I will have to do some research on this.

And still there was more. This tiny saucer was also in the box.

Here is the mark on this sweet saucer which was made in Occupied Japan.

And last, but not least, is this tiny footed cup with gold accents.

I can’t imagine actually drinking from this little blinged-out cup. I really don’t think she belongs to the lone saucer. What do you think?

I was delighted to find such treasures on my return visit to the thrift store. Finally some dishes for the dish-loving girl!

I was even more delighted when I saw the price on this box. The whole box was marked $3.75. Yes. You read that right. And to think I didn’t scoop up this box of tiny cups immediately. I had to think about it first. I’m crazy, I know. I live on the edge that way.

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I love searching for dishes for tablescaping. That leads me to yard sales and thrift shops and fun, fun, fun.
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12 Responses to Box of Tiny Cups

  1. Verna says:

    What a great box of stuff you snapped up! I love the 12 white ones. They look so dainty! Why can’t I ever find a box of goodies like that in the GW!

  2. Betsy says:

    What a bargain and for not really knowing what you were getting, you really lucked out. I think those are the artist’s marks on the German Silesia. Very nice!

  3. Oh tiny cups are wonderful! Love this box full and the price..fabulous!

  4. laurie says:

    Oh My Word, Tammy, what wonderful finds! I love the ruffled edges on those demitasse cups. I cannot believe all that wonderful china was in a box for that price! You are one lucky gal! laurie

  5. Patti says:

    What a little treasure box you got! The price is incredible! I love the white ones best.Thanks so much for coming to the party.

  6. Marigene says:

    What a great buy…you could use them for mini dessert cups.

  7. Zuni says:

    What a FABULOUS find!! My family drinks espresso (we’re from Cuba), and I’ve often thought about starting a demitasse collection. What a start this would be! The white ones are so beautiful and unusual!! I don’t think the “blinged-out” one is a cup; I think it’s a sugar bowl that’s missing the lid. Could it be? So glad I stopped by to see these great finds! ~Zuni

  8. Wow! What a fun box to open up! And all the treasures are wonderful. I can’t believe that price. Awesome! Thank you for sharing this with us at TTF. I hope you have a fantastic day!

  9. Paulette says:

    Such dainty cups, I would feel the need to lift my little finger while I drank from it. That box sure did contain some treausures!

  10. Olive Cooper says:

    Don’t you just love a treasure box like that? The blinged out cup is my favorite but all of the items are wonderful really. I am also a huge thrifter and can be found at our Goodwill twice a week. Our GW has a coffee shop and bookstore and is very difficult to leave. It is one of two in the country like this but others are being rolled out. Thanks so much for visiting me and I am so glad I visitined you and your goodies. hugs, olive

  11. Anita says:

    Wow, are you kidding??? I am never that lucky here:-( Gorgeous finds for sure. I cannot believe you found the blue Whitehall!! I am so into blue these days, and I do love those. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. What great little finds and a terrific price!!! Sometimes you have to go a few days in a row to find the best treasures!

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